Sunday, August 17, 2008

Konsole scrolling weirdness

Some users are experiencing weird visual glitches when scrolling in Konsole. The problem isn't trivial to debug but until it gets fixed there are a couple of workarounds:
  • Un-hide the menu bar if it is hidden
  • Set the QT_USE_NATIVE_WINDOWS environment variable to '1' before starting Konsole (export QT_USE_NATIVE_WINDOWS=1)


Hisham said...

Thanks for the note -- I've been using KDE 4.1 for a while now and the only two bugs I encountered were disappearing icons in the systray (for which I've already found a patch in the bugtracker) and this one. I just switched from KDE 3.5.8 (having been scared by the reports about the stability of KDE 4.0) but my KDE 4.1 experience so far has been pretty painless. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

I have another question. About a year ago You set the COLORFGBG permanently into konsole so Vim and other programs can work properly. It's set to 15;0 no matter what scheme is used. Now, If I want to run mc -b with this setting it screws up completely the colors and the dialog boxes. The obvious thing would be unset this variable but the other programs won't work anymore. BUT If I set this to "lightgrey;black" instead of 15;0 the mc without color looks ok. IS it possible to change it permamently to "lightgray;black" instead of "15;0"?

Robert Knight said...

COLORFGBG is set to either 15;0 or 0;15 depending on whether the color scheme has a light or dark background - which is currently a binary decision based on the average of the red, green and blue intensities.

> BUT If I set this to
> "lightgrey;black" instead of 15;0
> the mc without color looks ok

Please investigate fixing MC first. I tried 'mc -c' and 'mc -b' and couldn't see any difference with or without COLORFGBG set.