Monday, April 12, 2010

We're hiring Qt developers

I'm currently working for Mendeley, a startup based in London. We're building software for organising, reading, annotating and collaborating on research papers (mostly in PDF format) which integrates with an online network for researchers. We're currently looking for developers to join the team working on our Qt-based desktop application for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Essential skills are:

  • Knowledge of C++ and experience debugging, testing and profiling C++ applications.

  • Experience with Qt. If you're the kind of person who likes delving into the internals of Qt that's even better.

  • Solid computer science basics.

Knowledge of any of the following would be particularly useful:

  • Model/view frameworks (especially Qt's implementation). An interest in or experience with some of the upcoming Qt technologies (eg. Qt Quick) would also be a plus.

  • Databases (in particular, SQLite)

  • Search/indexing frameworks (eg. Lucene)

  • Scripting languages (eg. Python, Ruby)

  • Version control (SVN, git).

  • Automated testing tools (eg. QtTest).

  • Knowledge of platform-specific APIs such as Cocoa on Mac*.

Involvement with open source projects is a big plus. Dog fooding your own software is always helpful, so if you have a background in research or even just like reading papers to find out how things work, that would also be useful.

If you're interested, please get in touch.

* Though Qt abstracts away most platform details, there are times when using native APIs is necessary.