Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Easter holiday terminal update

Quite a bit of progress in Konsole over the Easter holiday, summary of the best bits:

  • Began a re-write of the Konsole Part. Under KDE 3.x, the Konsole part and the main application duplicate a lot of code, and much of the functionality in the main application is not available in the part. The goal is to keep the Part and application specific portions of the code much smaller in KDE 4. This should make maintenance easier and also make many/most of Konsole's KDE 4 enhancements and new features available in Kate, KDevelop, Dolphin, Yakuake etc. using the part.

  • Implemented a Yakuake-style 'background mode' for Konsole. This means that a shell session is started in the background, which can be displayed or hidden instantly from anywhere by pressing a global shortcut ( currently hardcoded to F12, but eventually customisable ).

  • Improved the bookmark system. When creating a new bookmark, Konsole now chooses the working directory of the foreground program instead of just using that of the main shell (Useful if you nest shells or are running any interactive program in the shell) If the foreground program is SSH, this saves the current user and host as a special SSH bookmark. Oh, and I added 'Bookmark Tabs as Folders' support.

  • Allow the user to choose which custom sessions are shown in the main menu.

  • Allow the user to split the view left/right ( in addition to top/bottom ) and support as many views open at once as the user wants. Screenshot

  • Began work on the Konsole settings replacement.

So getting closer to merging the branch back into trunk for everyone to play with. I will do that once it is capable of creating new custom sessions and saving / loading the settings of session types.

Thanks also to everyone, all 8000+ of you, who took the time to complete the Konsole survey. Your feedback is much appreciated. I have summarised about 2/3rds of the results ( available here ) so far, and already this week I implemented a number of changes based on the results ( Background mode, SSH bookmarks ). There were many kind words for the developers ( past and present ), always appreciated :)