Sunday, December 30, 2007

Finishing touches and embedded terminal improvements

The KDE 4.0 release is now very close, so I have been concentrating on fixing bugs and tidying up loose ends. Many bugs and missing menu items in the embedded terminal have been fixed in recent days.

A number of features found in KDE 3's Konsole have not been implemented to acceptable standards yet and the UI for them has been removed. Konsole/KDE 4.0 will not have:

  • Session management (ie. remembering the tabs open in Konsole windows when logging out)

  • Sending input from one tab to all other tabs ("Send Input to All")

  • Support for terminal programs resizing the terminal window

The good news is that the embedded Konsole part became much more flexible in recent days as I fixed the context menu in the part so that it exposes features which were not previously available from the embedded terminal (in KDE 3 or the KDE 4 betas)

  • Profiles, including the default profile, are shared with the main Konsole application. They can be manipulated in the embedded terminal via 'Manage Profiles', 'Edit Current Profile' and 'Change Profile' on the context menu.

  • Save output as plain text or HTML

  • Scrollback options and clearing

If there are any particularly annoying bugs which you want to see fixed before the release, please make sure they are filed on and add votes to them to help me prioritise them. Thanks to everyone who has been testing the KDE 4 pre-releases and a happy new year to all :)
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