Thursday, September 13, 2007

Funny languages in the terminal

When I look at Arabic, Chinese or Japanese text all I see are some odd squiggles. Some text that used to produce square-looking squiggles in KDE 3 now produces more curvy squiggles in KDE 4. Apparently this is a good thing. Most of this is down to Qt 4. But I still don't know whether it is readable to people who normally see something other than squiggles.

I had a stab at adding input method event support to Konsole in trunk recently, but I am very limited in my ability to test it. There is a bug report to file comments against.

If you can read and write in these languages, or even better, understand the mysterious world of Unicode - please help me to find bugs in Konsole's language support so that I can fix them.


chani said...

I had skim working in kde4 a few months ago, but it's not working now. :( I haven't a clue why.

back when it *was* working, I could use it in kwrite and a few other places... and even before that, I was using konsole from kde4 to view chinese characters (the monospace requirement in kde3's konsole combined with a qt3 font problem made half the characters not show up)

JPWhiting said...

I have skim working in kde3 (and probably kde4 also, haven't tested that yet). I see what the bug report indicates, chinese input works fine at first, but after using the menus a bit it no longer works. As I was typing that I tried to recreate a third time, but was unsuccessful :( Looks like it'll be a hard bug to find. I‘ll keep trying to see if I can find the cause anyway.

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