Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Quick updates and Akademy thanks

First, some terminal updates:

  • In the past, terminal programs running in Konsole had no idea about the color scheme being used, although some tried to guess based on the value of the TERM environment variable. I found out that the rxvt terminal sets a COLORFGBG variable which is recognised by Vim and others.
    The upshot of this is that when a color scheme with a dark background is used by Konsole , Vim will automatically pick appropriate colors for syntax highlighting. The same is true for a light background. Thanks to Robert Scott for bringing the problem to my attention.

  • I added a handy "hidden" feature to the color schemes. Per-session random colors. This is commonly used for the background color in a color scheme so that you can tell different sessions apart at a glance - especially when you are working with thumbnails of the terminal. KDE 3 had a random hue feature, but it was random per Konsole process, which is not so useful. I say this feature is hidden because the option is not yet exposed in the GUI and requires manually editing the .colorscheme files. Adding this feature to the UI without cluttering what is currently a nice tidy dialog will require some careful thought.

  • There was much tweaking in response to feedback from other hackers at Akademy. Cheers for the feedback :)

But the main point of this post was to thank everyone, especially the organizers, for a great Akademy. As always, the best part of this kind of conference is the people met, the discussions had and the general feeling of fraternity. KDE 4 itself still needs a lot of work before the final tarballs can be rolled, but I am confident we'll do Konqui proud.


RichiH said...

Will the random colors make it into Konsole 4.0?

Also, please look at quadkonsole and decide if you are willing to add this feature to konsole natively. That would be great :)

Alex Merry said...

Vim will automatically pick appropriate colors for syntax highlighting

Thank you! That has always been the single most irritating thing about using Konsole (or, indeed, any console program) for me.