Sunday, March 18, 2007

Konsole Survey

One of the areas of Konsole which I really want to give a little love for KDE 4 is the terminal setup ( terminal features, colour schemes, display options, character encoding etc. ) and creation of profiles for different types of terminal.
To get a better idea of what users need from their terminal, I have set up a survey. There are 28 questions, all optional, and opportunities for additional comments at the end. Aside from helping me to understand how you use and set up your terminal, this also gives you a chance to prioritize a few features for KDE 4.
Please help improve Konsole by telling us about your needs and preferences. Completing the survey should only take 5-10 minutes of your time. Thank-you in advance.

Konsole Usage and Preferences Survey

On the subject of surveys, I had difficulty finding a good PHP-based survey system to use. I used phpESP in the end, but recommendations about alternatives would be welcomed.

Thanks to seele for checking the questions and spotting a few problems.

The current roadmap is to implement the new terminal setup facilities in the next month or so, and then merge the development branch into the main KDE 4 trunk. After much tidying up of loose ends, it will be ready for the feature freeze in June.
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